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Fishing with tube-baits can be an incredibly effective method for catching various fish species. The tube bait’s soft plastic body mimics the look and movement of a live worm or grub, making it a tempting target for fish to strike. But to make the most out of using a tube bait, it’s essential to know how to rig it, where and when to use it, and the best techniques to fish it. In this article, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to help you improve your success when fishing with tube-baits.

Here you find “Top 7 tips for Fishing with Tube-Baits”

Rigging the bait

To rig a tube bait, slide the hook through the tube’s body and out the top. Then, fold the tail of the tube over the hook and push the hook point back into the tube’s body to make a “weedless” rig. This allows the bait to be fished in a heavy cover without getting snagged. The Texas rig is another popular method of rigging tube baits. This method involves threading the hook through the tube bait and out the bottom, leaving the point exposed, and making it a bit more weedless.

Use a Jig Head

Adding a jig head to the tube bait will give it a more lifelike action and allow you to fish it at different depths. Jig heads also allow you to fish in a variety of conditions, from heavy cover to open water. When choosing a jig head, keep in mind the size and weight of the bait and the fish species you’re targeting.

Deadstick Method

Another popular technique when fishing with tube baits is the “deadstick” method. This technique involves casting the bait out, letting it sink to the bottom, and then leaving the rod in a holder without reeling in, allowing the bait to sit motionless on the bottom.

Experiment With Color

Different fish species are attracted to different colors of bait. Experiment with different colors of tube baits to see which one works best in a particular fishing spot.

Use Scent

Adding scent to the tube bait will enhance the chances of fish biting. Some anglers will use fish oil or add scent to the tube bait to give it a more natural smell.

Know Where to Fish

Tube Bait (Fishing with Tube-baits) can be used to catch fish in a range of environments, including weed beds, rocks, and even open water. In weed beds, the weedless rig can help keep the bait from getting snagged, and the tube bait can mimic a fleeing crawfish or other prey. In rocky areas, the tube bait can mimic a crayfish or other small creature that lives among the rocks. In open water, the tube bait can be fished on a jig head, allowing it to be fished at different depths and mimicking a small fish.

Fish slow and steady

It’s important to fish slowly and steadily. Let the bait sink to the bottom and then retrieve it with a slow and steady retrieve. This will help the bait move through the water in a natural way, making it more likely for fish to strike.

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Pro Tip : 

Fishing with Tube-baits are great all-around baits, but they are especially effective during the pre-spawn and post-spawn periods when fish are actively feeding.

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